Mission Statement

"To make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow a particular Denomination?
Community Bible Study makes every effort to stand in the center of the mainstream of historic Christianity. We concentrate on the essentials of the Christian faith, not on denominational distinctives. As we grow in our love and respect for one another we learn that Christians can hold differing views on matters that are not essential to salvation. Regardless of these differences, we learn to love and care for each other as we grow in our knowledge of the Bible and in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is your philosophy?
Since its inception, the philosophy of Community Bible Study has always been that it is every person's Bible study, available to all. Each man, woman, youth, and child will be so cared for and loved that all will feel comfortable in their class regardless of background, education, church involvement, ethnicity, or economic status. Our desire is to build unity in the midst of diversity in our community.

What is your relationship with the local church?
Community Bible Study classes are composed of people from many different churches; it is designed to complement not compete with the local church. CBS recognizes that the Lord has chosen the local church as His main channel of ministry. It is our goal to encourage class members to belong to and actively support their local churches and to be servants and leaders in their congregations.

How do I find a class near me?
Please click this line www.findmyclass.org. and simply enter either your state or zip code of where you live.

Do you have various different classes for Adults, Teens, or Children?
Yes. We have classes for just about all people. Please check out these links for more details.

Adult Ministries - We offer day and evening classes for males, females, or co-ed.

Children's Ministry www.childrencbs.org

Teen and Student Ministries www.studentcbs.org

Prison Ministries www.inprisoncbs.org

International www.cbsinternational.org

Where do classes meet?
We are very grateful for the churches that permit CBS to use their facilities. It is our goal to leave the church property in even better condition than it was found and to avoid inconveniencing the church in any way. In fact, we desire that our presence be a blessing. At the end of the class year, a contribution that is a percentage of the class receipts is made to the host churches.

When do classes meet?
We start the new class season around the middle of August of each year. Most classes are for 30 weeks, and all classes meet one time each week.

Is Community Bible Study a topical or "book by book" study?
Our Bible study is always book by book.

What Bible translation do you use?
We are currently changing our curriculum from NIV to ESV but you may choose to use any translation you feel most comfortable.

What is the cost of a class?
We ask for a $25 fee to cover our hard printing costs. If you do not have these printing fees please come as we will scholarship you. We want to share the Word of Christ with you! We do rely on the contributions of those who are able give to run our ministry.

What level of teaching might I expect?
We are not an academic seminary class, and we are not a light, quick, and easy study. We are just about right for everyone. We refer to ourselves as an "every person's" Bible study.

Is there homework?
We do ask that you read each lesson and complete the homework to draw you closer in relationship with Jesus but we understand the demands on daily life and know that some time you may not have a chance to complete your daily study.

Will I have to speak in front of people?
We hope, as you feel more comfortable in your core group that you will participate, but we understand that some are shy and we never pressure anyone to speak.

What happens if I miss a class?
No problems, we understand that life is complex and demanding. Please come to the next class and pick up from where you left off.

Can I join a class that has already begun?
Yes. We encourage registration before the beginning of each class season. However, God's Word is intended for YOU so join us when you are available to participate.

I cannot find a class where I live, can I start a class?
Yes. Every Community Bible Study Class begins with prayer. The first step in developing a class is to begin an informal Community prayer group comprised of people from various church backgrounds who desire a Bible study in their area.

If you would like to know more about beginning a CBS class in your community, you may request an Information Kit by clicking here to email the Ministry Service Center.

After you have had an opportunity to review the materials in the Information Kit, you will receive a follow up call or email to discern your interest level in beginning a CBS class. If there is continuing interest, an Area Director will be assigned to assist you with the process of starting a class. We are eager to serve and encourage you as together we seek God's will for another strong and vibrant CBS class!

Do you have classes in other countries?
Yes. We currently have classes in over 70 countries. Please visit http://cbsinternational.org/.

Do you have "on-line" Bible study for iPad, Kindle etc?
Not at this time, however we are in the process of investigating how best to move forward with digital technologies that would incorporate Community Bible Study into computer and mobile apps.