International Ministry

God’s Word at Work in the World

Hundreds of thousands of people outside of the U.S. study the Bible through CBS every week in 100 countries. Here is a little bit of how we do it:

We want to remove any barriers that might keep people from attending a community Bible study in their country. Being able to study the Word of God in your heart language is a critical step in this process – which is why we are constantly translating our Bible studies. For many, we provide one of the first in-depth Bible studies available in their language. New translations are continually needed to provide more access to His Word. Click here for a list of available languages.

Our ministry trailblazers – called Calebs – are trained to bring the ministry of CBS into other countries and areas. Many of these areas have never had access to in-depth Bible study in their own language before. Typically, Calebs have experienced a CBS class first-hand in their own local area. They’ve seen the importance of in-depth Bible study and want to bring the CBS method of studying the Bible—individual study, small group, teaching, commentary and caring community—to other cultures and countries. Depending on the ministry region, trained Calebs might contact local church and denominational leaders in their target country, present more information about CBS, and train and shepherd leaders to help get the ministry started. We train new Calebs every year. If you want to join our team as a Caleb, let us know!

As local believers express an interest in starting a CBS class in their area, our CBSI team (which often includes local Calebs) comes alongside these believers, praying with them and training them. Local leaders are trained to teach, shepherd and facilitate our studies.

Relationships are crucial! God gave us the ultimate example of a caring shepherd in His Son, Jesus. A good shepherd always places the needs of his sheep ahead of his or her own needs. Our CBSI shepherds give sacrificially of their time because of their love for Jesus and His people.

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