South Asia

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Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, and even postmodern urban cultures are common in this vast, densely populated region. In the scattered pockets of Christian presence, some of the local churches are strong and are effectively reaching other areas in their own nations. CBS is a wonderful tool for young believers to be equipped and motivated to reach their own people.

Malaysia (website)
Singapore (website)
Sri Lanka

Of the hundreds of languages spoken in this region, there are several that are spoken by tens of millions each. CBSI has the exciting and challenging task of translating our lessons into these major languages. Already, CBS groups are established in many cities, and lessons translation is progressing in several languages. Many new doors are yet to open.

People in this region face multiple challenges: corruption, poverty, strife, riots, violence, and instability. The Word of God holds true hope. We pray that CBS blesses the people in these nations through His Word.

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