Prayer Blog

August 29, 2023

“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Matthew 16:16 ESV

Praise and give thanks to the Lord for providing a long-awaited Children’s Director in the Philly Metro Zone. Therefore, because He is able, pray they continue to trust in His provision of additional leaders needed to serve in 2023-24.

Praise God for the CBS materials that have been translated into German. Please pray that the participants using these materials will diligently continue in their study of God’s Word.

Praise God for His faithful provision of servant leaders to minister in His name in the North Carolina East Zone this year. Please pray the leader’s hearts would continue to be filled with God’s peace and joy as they serve Him.

Please pray for the participants of the Central Plains Zone to be filled with joy and excitement as a new class year begins.

Please pray the classes with Ethnos Core Groups abound in overflowing love for everyone in their class and community as they keep on growing in the knowledge and understanding of God and His word. (Phil 1:9)

Please pray for an increase of participants for the CBS classes in Japan. Pray also for an increase in tech savviness for the dedicated leaders who continue to serve the classes with excellence.

Please pray for the protection of the CBS leaders and participants in the many countries hostile to Christians. Ask God to strengthen them and encourage them to persevere in spite of persecution.