CBS International 2022
Course Fact New Testament
The New Testament

Christian Leadership
12 Lessons
Christian Leadership emphasizes the essentials necessary for a church to be united and grounded in God’s truth. In these three letters to young pastors (1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus), Paul gave instructions for teaching sound doctrine, avoiding false teachers, and fostering an environment of spiritual health.
Classic version: 2015 | Global version: 2016
6 Lessons
A letter written to combat error in the church, Paul points the believers at Colossae to Jesus as the head of His body, the church, who gives believers fullness in Christ.
Classic version: 2017 | Global version: 2017
12 Lessons
Before the foundations of the world, God had His people in mind. In love, He chose, forgave, and redeemed them. He adopted them to be His very own beloved children. Ephesians tells the story of God’s eternal plan to unite people who had been estranged from Him and one another into a beautiful community that reflects His glory to the world and even to the spiritual realms. This study will guide participants to engage with what it means to be reconciled to God, how that is possible, and the amazing benefits God gives as a result. It will also give practical guidance for how to apply these eternal truths.
Classic version: 2022 | Global version: 2022
18 Lessons
Hebrews challenges students to gain confidence in the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ, presenting the theme of Jesus as High Priest. Using Old Testament references, the study leads students to see how the Old Testament worship system foreshadows the New.
Classic version: 2014 | Global version: No
30 Lessons
The Gospel of John is an eyewitness account of the life of Jesus Christ. The apostle John was transformed by the years of close friendship he spent with Jesus, and he wanted everyone to experience that same joy. John 20:31 says he wrote the book “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”
Classic version: 2020 | Global version: 2020
18 Lessons
Mark is a vivid account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The Commentary and questions invite class members to follow Jesus on His earthly journeys, make important discoveries, and see Him as the prototypical servant as well as a man of action.
Classic version: 2012 | Global version: No
12 Lessons
1&2 Peter examine how Christians face suffering, knowing their safety and security are in God. The apostle Peter also teaches his readers how to handle heresy and recognize false teachers in their midst.
Classic version: 2019 | Global version: 2019
18 Lessons
An exciting study in which Jesus Christ appears in all His glory. He is revealed as the Lamb of God, Bridegroom, King, and Judge. Prophecies are examined against the backdrop of God’s overriding plan for Creation since the beginning of time and on through eternity. Class members will be inspired to worship and challenged to live in watchful readiness for the Lord’s return.
Classic version: 2014 | Global version: 2016
6 Lessons
Written by the apostle Paul to the young church in Thessalonica, 1&2 Thessalonians focus on the hope and the habits of faith when tested, as well as some key teachings on the end times. The CBS study looks at how Paul’s words of encouragement and warning guided new believers and how they apply today.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: No
30 Lessons
Students will see the Holy Spirit working through the lives of the apostles and the believers in the early church. This course includes pertinent applications for today’s believers and strong teaching on the foundation of the church— Jesus Christ.
Classic version: 2014 | Global version: 2015
Christian Living
12 Lessons
This 12-week study of Philemon, 1, 2, and 3 John, and Jude contains plenty of practical guidance for living the Christ- centered life. The letters were written to encourage Christians to live lives of truth and love in the midst of cultures that did not necessarily embrace either. Class members will learn how to deal with false teachers, how to be sure of their salvation, and more.
Classic version: 2018 | Global version: 2016
30 Lessons
This practical and relevant course covering 1&2 Corinthians deals with church problems in a city plagued by immorality. It applies God’s answers to similar problems faced by modern- day societies.
Classic version: 2017 | Global version: 2016
6 Lessons
Galatians is an outstanding treatment of Christian liberty. This epistle includes Paul’s confident, heartfelt declaration of justification by faith alone based on the finished work of Jesus Christ and freedom from the bondage of the Law.
Classic version: 2017 | Global version: No
6 Lessons
The epistle of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible. This course’s lessons encourage each class member to lead a more consistent, caring Christian life and to explore the practical application of faith.
Classic version: 2014 | Global version: 2015
30 Lessons
The clear, concise commentary in this course handles the historic record as well as conveying the truth of the Gospel in such a way that students see Jesus as Savior and Lord as well as Jesus as the Son of Man.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: 2014
30 Lessons
Matthew wrote by the power of the Holy Spirit, primarily to his fellow Jews, proving through Scripture that Jesus’s life and ministry fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. Matthew’s message: Jesus is indeed the long-awaited Jewish Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Immanuel, God with us!
Classic version: 2016 | Global version: 2016
6 Lessons
Paul wrote to friends at Philippi to show them that joy does not depend on surroundings but on the Savior. Our study explores working for the kingdom, Christian unity and love, and enduring persecution.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: 2015
30 Lessons
Romans contains the most formal and systematic development of the apostle Paul’s thinking. The driving concern throughout is salvation— righteousness coming as God’s free gift and being received by faith alone. The study is a stimulating and insightful look at this magnificent treatise of the Christian faith.
Classic version: 2015 | Global version: No