CBS International 2022
Course Fact Old Testament
The Old Testament

30 Lessons
The substance of Genesis lies in its timeless themes: God’s mighty power and greatness, His love for His creation, and His grace toward fallen mankind. We see human history beginning to unfold in the Garden of Eden. Human dignity and purpose, mankind’s rebellion and judgment, and forgiveness by means of a promised Redeemer are revealed. Even after Noah’s Flood wiped out all but eight people of one sinful generation, the survivors’ children and grandchildren still rejected God. God’s redemptive plan continued to play out in the formation of the Hebrew nation. The Patriarchs’ lives are traced with the great stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: 2013
Red Sea to the Jordan River
30 Lessons
Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers tell the story of how God delivered His chosen people, the Israelites, from Egyptian slavery and established them as a new nation. But these books are not just history. They also tell the story of a holy God’s faithfulness to weak and sinful people like us.
Classic version: 2016 | Global version: 2015
6 Lessons
The book of Joshua picks up where Deuteronomy leaves off. After leading the Israelites out of Egypt and through 40 years of wanderings in the wilderness, Moses died. But God remained faithful to His promise. He appointed Joshua to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land where they would, at last, find rest in a place of their own.
Classic version: 2019 | Global version: 2017
12 Lessons
This 12-week course highlights God’s mighty works through one small, young, and seemingly obscure nation. As this young nation stands at the doorstep of the Promised Land, God uses His servant Moses to remind them of who He is, why He brought them there, and the importance of their wholehearted obedience and devotion to Him as they enter the land and take possession of it in response to His promises.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: No
Nehemiah: CBSI Introductory Study
8 Lessons
The special study is designed to help a group of people prepare to start a new CBSI class or classes. God gave the prophet Nehemiah a big job to do. Nehemiah knew that prayer is God’s way to be intimately involved with His plan. Principles from Nehemiah that apply to starting a CBSI class are highlighted, and each lesson also includes some of the basic beliefs and procedures of CBS. The format of this study is similar to a regular CBS study and is designed to allow time for prayer and planning.
Classic version: -- | Global version: 2018
30 Lessons
This course highlights God’s power, sovereignty, holiness, trustworthiness, and salvation. It provides historical background that illuminates what was happening in Isaiah’s time and speaks to the situations of our day and even beyond. It answers questions about life, human nature, and God. Class members will realize that the judgment of God is best understood in the context of His righteousness and justice. Class members will rejoice in the prophecies concerning the Messiah and find comfort in Isaiah’s words of encouragement about the future.
Classic version: 2015 | Global version: No
Divided Kingdom
30 Lessons
From the splendor of the kingdom during Solomon’s reign to the final collapse of the surviving kingdom, these books teach personal and institutional faithfulness to God. Interspersed among the stories of the kings are the messages communicated from God through the minor prophets: warnings of judgment, yet hope for a restoration of a godly kingdom. Despite Israel’s determination to rebel, the Lord’s faithfulness and love never ceases.
Classic version: 2012 | Global version: No
Ruth & Esther
7 Lessons
The books of Ruth and Esther show ordinary women in extraordinarily difficult situations. In spite of extreme hardship and probable disaster, they continue to trust God—even when He seems distant. This in-depth, seven- lesson study shows God caring for His people, bringing good from hardship.
Classic version: No | Global version: 2014
Ruth & Samuel
18 Lessons
The Old Testament books of Ruth and 1 and 2 Samuel describe the faith journeys of men and women like us. They struggled in the same ways we do. They experienced deferred hopes and dreams, broken relationships, shameful failures and personal trauma, just as we do. It’s what they did with those disappointments that matters. In this study, you will see people who took their pain and anger to God—and those who did not. And in either case, you will see how God remained faithful
Classic version: 2022 | Global version: 2022
6 Lessons
The book of Job examines God’s role in a world where suffering touches every life. When great personal loss and agonizing disease descend on the godly man Job, his trust in God is challenged. As he struggles to figure out why a loving God would allow such pain, his friends are convinced that Job is hiding secret sins that deserve God’s wrath.
Classic version: 2019 | Global version: 2019
Return to Jerusalem
30 Lessons
God’s mercy and faithfulness to His people is the thread that runs throughout this study of Israel’s return from Babylonian exile. In spite of their sin, weakness, and doubt, God keeps true to His promises and helps His faltering people to rebuild and restore their broken lives. As you make your way through Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, you’ll see the big picture of God’s work in history and be inspired by the examples of some of His chosen servants who played significant roles in fulfilling His purposes in the world.
Classic version: 2013 | Global version: No
12 Lessons
Set in the Babylonian captivity, the book of Daniel focuses on God’s sovereign control of heaven and earth, from beginning to end. The familiar stories of Daniel 1–6 provide a great model for living a godly life in a hostile environment. Chapter 7–12 provide compelling pictures of God’s eternal, unshakable kingdom that will prevail, no matter how bad things seem at the moment.
Classic version: 2014 | Global version: 2014