Donation Policy
CBS Donation Policy for the North American Region

Community Bible Study (CBS) trusts in God’s provision as one of its core values. Careful stewardship of what the Lord entrusts to us is always on our minds and hearts. CBS is able to fulfill its mission because people faithfully donate to meet the ministry needs.

CBS does not have a large fundraising emphasis. Instead, we share what the Lord is doing throughout the ministry and expect Christ followers to respond to the Holy Spirit’s nudge to give. This has been a successful approach to ministry since 1975.

This donation policy provides clarity regarding the use of donated funds given from the North American Region. The largest use is those common core functions which occur at the CBS Ministry Service Center (MSC) in support of the entire global ministry. These services include CBS curriculum development, printing and distribution costs, donation administration and distribution, staff salaries and benefits, and other expenses associated with operating a global ministry. In addition, donations from North America cover the costs of operating the classes within the region. These costs include leader training, class operating, and ministry oversight expenses.

Donations to CBS from North America also support CBS in locations where the classes are unable to meet their own operating expenses, as well as providing support for global ministry operations.

Donations to the General Fund are most appreciated and allow the ministry to direct the funds where most needed as the Lord leads. Donations may also be designated to one or more accounts that CBS maintains. Designated funds will be applied to the relevant expenses on a first in, first out basis. Any designated funds in an account that have not been utilized within two years of their receipt may be reallocated within the same region or general ministry area by CBS leadership.

Adherence to this policy is intended to keep CBS firmly led by the Holy Spirit so that we go where the Lord wants us to be and do what He wants us to do.