February 12, 2019

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power & wealth & wisdom & strength & honor & glory & praise!  Revelation 5:12 NIV

Please pray that area directors will wisely and lovingly shepherd their Servants Teams that need to discern God’s newly called servants.

Please join the Macomb County, Michigan, day class as they praise the Lord for His love, peace and protection over their class and pray for His wisdom and direction for the upcoming Servants Team decisions and more Children & Youth Teachers to be able to serve with excellence.

Praise God for His calling of new Teaching Directors in the Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Parker, Colorado evening classes.

Please pray for the Lord to provide a substitute core leader for each Ethnos core group providing additional encouragement and support for participants.

Please pray for the the Lord to provide a Prayer Chairman, Coordinator and core leaders for the Bryan, Texas, After School Kids (ASK) Student class.

Please pray for God to communicate clearly through the five InPrison teams doing class openings and presentations for day and evening classes this month.

Please pray for protection for the CBSI leaders and the class participants in West Africa, as it is dangerous to be a Christian in this part of the world.

Pray that the Lord of the details will provide for all involved in the C & Y training February 22-23 in Burundi.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower  the trainer, the new supervisors, and the 20 trainees for effective communication, clear vision, and a call to commit and apply what they learn.  Praise God for bringing together different denominations for this training and the unity He is bringing into the ministry.  Pray for safe travel, good health and respectful relationship development.

Please pray for clear direction and God’s provision for the Ambassadors to Moldova.

Please pray for the CBSI classes in Japan to grow and reach out to their communities.

Please pray for the CBS ministry in the country of the day: Bangladesh

Why Pray?

Prayer is the first CBS core value. We pray because:
- God tells us to pray
- Prayer builds our relationship with Jesus
- God responds to our prayers

CBS leaders frequently pray using the A.C.T.S. acrostic:
- Adoration or Praise
- Confession of Our Sins
- Thanksgiving for God's grace, mercy, and provision
- Supplication or Petition for our and others needs


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