Find a Prayer Group

If you didn’t find a CBS class in your area, you might find a CBS prayer group close by. Prayer groups are groups of people who have committed to pray together to start a CBS class.

The first step in the creation of a CBS class is an informal community prayer group made up of people from various church backgrounds who want a Bible study in their neighborhood.

The group should meet regularly to pray for the Lord’s will and direction in starting a class and for called leaders for the class. The group may also engage in an informal Bible study if appropriate.

Still didn’t find a CBS group near you? You might consider beginning a class in your area. For more information, you may request an information kit. This kit contains materials on Community Bible Study, the CBS Children’s Ministry, samples of the adult and children’s lessons, and a list of study courses. After you have had an opportunity to review the materials in the information kit, we’ll follow up with you. If you’re still interested, an Area Director will be in touch with you to walk with you along the journey.