Start a Class

May I Start a CBS Class? (For U.S.A. only)

Yes!  Every Community Bible Study Class begins with prayer.  The first step in developing a class is to begin an informal community prayer group comprised of people from various church backgrounds who desire a Bible study in their area.  The group should pray for the Lord’s will in starting a class and for the following leaders:

  • Teaching Director
  • Associate Teaching Director
  • Coordinator
  • Children & Youth Director (unless exempted from hosting a Children & Youth Ministry)

These key leaders will represent the “community” by coming from different churches and/or church backgrounds.

All those involved should feel called by the Lord to launch the new class.  The group will meet regularly to pray. An informal Bible study may begin if authorized by the local CBS Area Director.

An Area Director will be in touch with the group frequently to provide support and direction.  When the Area Director feels the group is ready and the key leaders are approved, they will receive an invitation to Leadership Training. Training occurs twice a year in Colorado Springs, CO. At the conclusion of Leadership Training, the team will be commissioned to return home and continue the process of starting the class.

After you have had an opportunity to review the materials in the Information Kit, you will receive a follow up call or email to discern your interest level in beginning a CBS class.  If there is continuing interest, an Area Director will be assigned to assist as you begin the prayer process.

If you would like to know more about beginning a CBS class in your community, you may request an Information Kit by clicking here to email the Ministry Service Center.