We empower discipleship in over 75 heart languages and more than 100 countries by offering a community-forming, verse-by-verse study of God’s transformative Word.

North America
The North American Region includes the countries of the United States and Canada. In small-group settings, participants of all ages and levels of Bible-study experience can engage in meaningful discussion around the Scriptures. They have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with Him. All of this happens in the context of a welcoming and caring community.

Latin America and the Caribbean
From Mexico to the tip of Argentina, the Latin America and the Caribbean Region features lively Latin and Caribbean cultures. Children are leading the way in the region as a thriving CBS Children & Youth Ministry touches their lives and then draws their extended families into caring, in-depth Bible study together. Prison outreaches are seeing lives changed as inmates find real freedom in knowing God and His Word.

East Asia-Pacific
The East Asia-Pacific Region stretches 7,500 miles (12,070 km) from Mongolia to New Zealand. In most of the countries, Christians are a very small minority. The cultures vary dramatically, but one thing remains the same: CBS participants are passionate about growing in their faith and applying the scriptures to their lives. New methods of Bible engagement are fueling growth.

The vast Europe Region stretches across 13 time zones with a diversity of languages and cultures. Far from the Reformation days, many European nations now are Post-Christian societies. CBS class growth is slow but steady, with encouraging results from immigrant outreaches and the development of online groups. Significant opportunities are opening in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Middle East/North Africa
The Middle East/North Africa Region is the birthplace of Christianity, and in spite of today’s hostile opposition to the faith, there are new springs in the desert. Some CBS adult groups are meeting in churches and many are learning about God and His Word in clandestine small groups. In one country, literally tens of thousands of children are learning about the love of God for the first time.

South Asia
Christians in the South Asia Region are facing increasing opposition and persecution from majority religions, but CBS classes continue to grow. In crowded cities with high-tech wealth, crushing poverty, and endless traffic jams, some Bible study participants connect virtually to interact in their small groups. Church classes are attracting growing numbers of children and youth.

Sub-Saharan Africa
Hundreds of thousands of Sub-Saharan Africans are engaging with the Bible in CBS’s largest region. Hunger for God's Word is great, especially among children and youth. Though participants face many obstacles, they’re eager to learn more about God and the hope He brings. Many gladly share Bibles and lessons so as many of their villagers as possible can join them in this journey of learning together. Changed lives are changing whole villages.