“CBS International has helped me learn more about Jesus. Jesus has taken me far from the darkness. I have learned about the importance of eternal life and growing in faith. If someone asks why I am a Christian, I tell them I have learned the secret of eternal life. I have learned that Jesus died for me because of my sins – He impacts lives,” says Jurius, a young boy who attends CBS International in Burkina Faso, Africa.

At Community Bible Study we know that God uses the study of  His Word to change people’s lives. Just as Jurius is growing in his faith and learning more about Jesus through the study of the Bible in Burkina Faso, just so tens of thousands of men, women, and children across the world are also growing in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The CBS way of studying the Bible transcends cultures, education level, and background. That’s why, whether you’re in Europe, Africa, Asia or the Americas, you’re sure to find Community Bible Study International (CBSI) in your country or region. Sometimes we meet under a tree, in a church or school, or in someone’s home. But regardless of where we meet, you’ll find the same five elements that are the hallmark of CBS:

  • Individual study,
  • Small group sharing,
  • Engaging teaching,
  • Insightful commentary, and
  • Caring community.

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