January 9, 2019

I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1 NKJV

Join the Syracuse, New York Day Class Prayer Group as we cry out to the Living God asking that He would bring church diversity, racial diversity and economic diversity to our Prayer Group so that we are a representation of the city around us; and that we will be diligent to pray without ceasing for Him to raise up a leadership team in His perfect way and in His perfect timing.

The Dallas Richardson, Texas Evening class is praising God for the Associate Teaching Director candidate that will be going to training in the Spring, and praying for the Servants Team and Leaders Council members as they assist in this transition of leaders.

Praise God for His wonderful provision of a new Ethnos Representative in His perfect timing. Pray for this team as they seek the best ways to support Ethnos core leaders.

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance for the InPrison & Beyond team at the juvenile detention center in Eckard, Florida, and also potentially new juvenile classes in Bellville, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. Please pray for wisdom to the national teams who will shepherd and train these hybrid Student and Inprison classes.

Please pray for God to call and equip a Children & Youth Coordinator in Madagascar as the country leaders begin planning for a major launch in 2019.

Please pray for International Ambassadors to make new connections at the Teaching Directors Conference that will foster effective prayer partnerships with classes.

Please pray for the preparations of a leadership meeting in Norway, as well as the health of the leaders.

Please pray for the CBS ministry in the country of the day: Spain

Why Pray?

Prayer is the first CBS core value. We pray because:
- God tells us to pray
- Prayer builds our relationship with Jesus
- God responds to our prayers

CBS leaders frequently pray using the A.C.T.S. acrostic:
- Adoration or Praise
- Confession of Our Sins
- Thanksgiving for God's grace, mercy, and provision
- Supplication or Petition for our and others needs


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