Leadership Reading List

The Leadership Development Team recommends these books as an excellent resource for you.  Each of these books has been personally read by one or more on our team and we can offer them with full confidence in their potential to raise your leadership effectiveness and skills!

“While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks” by Dr. Timothy S. Laniak – Dr. Laniak believes that every Christian is called to be a leader, and every biblical leader is called to be a shepherd.  The realities and rewards of leadership come to life in this illuminating and insightful look at the ancient image of shepherd leaders – those with a compassionate and courageous commitment to provide for, protect, and guide those under their care.  Become a shepherd after God’s own heart by rediscovering true biblical leadership.

“Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O Clifton, Ph.D. – A revoutionary book that shows you how to develop your unique talents and strengths – and those of the people you lead.  The keystone of high achievement and happiness is exercising your strengths, not correcting your weaknesses.  The first step is knowing which strengths you own, and this book gives you a powerful and accurate way to find out.

“Axiom” by Bill Hybels – A truckload of weighty wisdom in 76 portable proverbs, this book is oriented toward four leadership categories – vision and strategy, teamwork and communication, activity and assessment, and personal integrity.  Axiom will enbolden you to nail down the reasons why you lead like you lead.

“The Perfect Leader” by Ken Boa – If you desire to be an excellent leader, who better to take as your mentor than God Himself?  Boa takes you on a journey through Scripture, presenting a leadership style based upon the character, actions and attributes of God.  Understand how God is the supreme leader and how you can be His powerful apprentice.

“Developing the Leaders Around You” by John Maxwell – It’s not enough for a leader to have vision, energy, drive and conviction.  If you want to see your dream come to fruition, you must learn how to develop the leaders around you.  This book will teach you now to help others reach their full potential.

“The Ascent of a Leader” by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, Ken McElrath – Become the kind of leader whom others want to follow.  Find God’s plan for your life and follow it, and lead others where they need to go.  Whether you are a seasoned leader, a leadership expert or someone just beginning to understand leadership issues, this book is an invitation to climb higher.  It’s written for the leader in all of us so that together, with God’s help, we truly can make a difference in our families, our communities, our companies, our government, and even our world.

“Lead Like Jesus” by Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges – Lessons for everyone from the greatest leadership role model of all time!  Look into Scripture and discover more leadership wisdom than you could have imagined.  Leading like Jesus will make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you influence.

“The Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley – What are the essentials for next generation leaders?  Stanley identifies 5 essentials for those who will shape the future:  Competence, Courage, Clarity, Coaching and Character.  Become equipped to be a leader whose life is marked by qualities that ensure a no-regrets experience for those who choose to follow; a leader who leaves this work in better shape than he found it.

“Spiritual Leadership” by Henry & Richard Blackaby – Effective biblical leadership has never been more needed.  Spiritual Leadershipwill equip those called to lead with the tools to move God’s people on to His agenda.  Learn the ways God develops, guides, and empowers spiritual leaders to make positive impact on the people they are currently leading.  You will refer to this book over and over again as you seek to be the man or woman that God has intended you to be.

“The Book on Leadership” by John MacArthur – Leadership does not come from a job title.  True leadership – the kind that refuses to bend to a shifting, fickle world – comes from a much deeper source.  Based on the writings of the apostle Paul, MacArthur presents the “26 Characteristics of a True Leader.”  The life of Paul will empower you to unleash your own capacity for leadership.