Activities to Enhance Training

  • Games and exercises: learning by doing, get to know one another; movement; motivational; reinforce teaching
  • Panel
  • Guided note-taking
  • Story-telling- story with moral, application can stimulate audience response, or can reinforce teaching
  • Demonstrations, role-playing
  • DVD, Video clips
  • Interview expert with questions from the audience (some can be planted, all can be collected in advance)
  • Props – object lesson
  • Skits
  • Brainstorming
  • Buzz groups – 2-3 buzz for a few minutes then share conclusion
  • Small group discussion – Trainer only has to add what the groups do not feed back. Small groups can respond to 2-3 well-crafted questions
  • Case studies – real or fictional situation to which they respond with solutions, best alternatives –
  • Cartoons, posters
  • Role plays, simulations of real environment
  • Skill centers – areas around the room to practice skills and test knowledge
  • Energizers – brief (2-5 minutes) activities designed to just wake up and give a short break to trainees

Remember: Activities should be appropriate for the size of the group, have real world relevance, and should teach skills in a straightforward manner.