Training Videos

Six Tools of Great Training

Strategies and ideas that keep training interesting and engage the participants are the focus of this video. Presented by Kristine MacDermott, this workshop provides a variety of tools and activities. All of the handouts referred to in the video are posted in the “Trainer’s Toolbox” on this website. Feel free to download them for your use. Watch and learn!

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Play the Movie Forward

This workshop describes the need to keep training fresh and current, analyzing the way participants learn and adjusting to their tendencies. It also describes the one key tool in training that helps listeners remember what they are taught. The presenter is Kristine MacDermott from the CBS Leadership Development Team.

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Speaking Each Other’s Language

Focusing on the difference in the ways that males and females communicate, this teaching delivers strategies for working successfully with both genders. The presenters are Kristine MacDermott, CBS Leadership Development Team member and Jeff Marchant, the Northwest General Manager of Fuji Medical Systems.

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The New Face of CBS

Presented to CBS Trainers at Leadership Training, this workshop is facilitated by Rick Anderson, Senior Vice President for Leadership Transformations, Inc. of Colorado Springs.

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