Class Opening Music Suggestions

  1. Ask soloists to sing and share scripture or personal testimonies.
  2. Ask an instrumentalist, such as a flute or trumpet player, to play a selection of music.
  3. Sing a medley of hymns and praise choruses with power point or song sheets.
  4. Arrange a piano concert of hymns and praise music. You can use slides in the background with the words. You can also do this with a CD.
  5. Sing hymns from the church hymn books and allow class members to request their favorite hymns. Sing one verse per request. You will need to have a good pianist to make this suggestion work.
  6. Ask the host church’s worship leader to lead corporate worship and share a solo.
  7. Lead the class members in worship with DVD’s or CD’s.
  8. Play a worship DVD that supports the central idea of the lecture and meditate on the words.
  9. Share a devotional on music in worship and close with a song.
  10. Have the worship team lead the opening or sing a solo for the opening.
  11. Share a testimony on how music has encouraged someone’s walk with God, and close with that song.
  12. Arrange for the children to sing their memory verse songs.