Copyright FAQ


  1. What is a copyright?

The copyright gives the owner of creative work (music) specific rights according to the law.

  • The right to print, reprint and copy their work
  • The right to sell and distribute copies of their work
  • The right to transform, arrange or revise their work
  • The right to record their work
  • The right to perform their work publicly

The law prohibits anyone from infringing on these exclusive rights without first receiving permission from the owner.

  1. How does it apply to our CBS classes?

Christians often face copyright infringement issues in two vital areas:

  1. Copying music, or words to music without permission
  2. Showing videos without authorization
  1. How can we be sure that our use of music remains within legal guidelines?
  1. We can sing with hymn books.
  2. We can also print words from songs that are in the public domain and are not copyrighted.
    Public Domain is:

    • All works published in the United States before 1923 are in the public domain.
    • Works published after 1922 but before 1978 are protected for 95 years from the date of publication.
    • For works published after 1977 the copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years.
    • If the work was published between 1923 and 1963 you must check with the US copyright office to see whether the copyright was properly renewed. If it was not, the work is public domain.
  1. We can sing with worship DVD’s that already have the words on the video.These DVD’s are made specifically for corporate worship. To purchase DVD’s, shop www.Integritydirect.com.
  2. CBS classes can also apply for a license that will give them permission to print songs, hymns, and words for Power Point for congregational singing. It is an easy way to help honor the legal rights of Christian song owners. This is called a CCLI License.


The Church Copyright License (CCLI) is a contractual agreement with songwriters and and publishers. CCLI uses the annual fees it charges from its customers and pays the artists so that we can receive legal authorization to use over 200,000 songs for congregational singing. This is a fee paid annually and this authorization is non-transferable so our CBS classes CANNOT use the CCLI number of their local church. Each class must have its own CCLI number.To contact CCLI, access the website www.ccli.com  or call 1.800.234.2446.

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