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Ashraf Farahat | Regional Director


The work of CBS MENA is not restricted to Middle Eastern and North
African countries.

Our MENA family includes the diaspora in Europe and is spreading to
countries like Canada so we simply follow where God leads us.

As a result of the Arab Spring which started in 2010, many Arabs and Persians (Farsi speakers) scattered across the world. During the pandemic we learned to reach out to them, wherever they were.

In 2023 there were 50 million (m) Arabic speakers living outside the Middle East with around 7m in Turkey, 6m in France, 1.4m in Germany and 1.3m in Spain. This is the diaspora we are serving through our work in Europe.

We serve the whole MENA region using studies in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Armenian and Turkish. Setting up Children & Youth (C&Y) groups is a high priority and is proving to be the most popular.

In Middle Eastern countries like Egypt there is great demand for our C&Y material, especially in pre-schools. As you can see from the images, the children have great fun with their usual lessons but with the addition of teaching through stories about Jesus.

CBS is called to make disciples through in-depth, caring Bible study available to all. Our primary focus is for C&Y, where there is less happening for this age group in the MENA region. As we start these new pre-school initiatives and specifically among deaf children in Syria we pray for God’s guidance that both children and their parents will be touched by God’s Word.

We have a focus in Israel on the young from all people groups, Jews, Palestinians and Arab Israelis. We work through local churches that use CBS studies to disciple their young people.

We are also connected to the network of Armenian speakers living in the Middle East and the translation of studies is now continuous as
demand is so high.

You can see from the map where the CBS MENA family has a geographical presence although specific details cannot be publicised. Please use the ‘contact’ button if you’d like to know more.

An Arabic CBS group in Lebanon
The Old City Gate of Tunisia
The CBS Egypt pre-school uniform