Prayer is the starting point for our decisions and our activities – everything we do.


Our desire is to build unity in the midst of diversity. We want every single person who attends a CBS class to feel cared for and loved, and comfortable regardless of their background, education, church involvement, ethnicity, or economic status.


We concentrate on the essentials of the Christian faith, not on denominational distinctives. As we grow in our love and respect for one another we learn that Christians can hold differing views on matters that are not essential to salvation.


CBS leaders are volunteers who feel called by God to their roles, and give of their time and talents out of love for Him. Shepherding occurs at every level so that each individual feels connected and cared for and does not operate in isolation. Each leader is equipped specifically for their role and must attend ongoing training and spiritual enrichment sessions.


We have a manual that assists classes in operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. It is packed with guidelines that have been developed and have proven successful over time. We aim for excellence in everything we do.

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