A heart looking for the truth will find Jesus


A young girl in Syria was curious about the Bible. Her question made her parents very angry, so they sent her to study Islam in school, and arranged for her to marry a Muslim man. They thought that would end any interest in the Bible. But Debora’s heart was looking for the truth.

The first time she dreamed about Jesus, He came to offer her some bread to eat. He told her it was the bread of life. The following night, Jesus came to her in a dream and offered her water to drink. He said it was the water of life.

She did not know what to do, but the next night Jesus came again in a dream with an invitation to follow Him. She said yes, and she was happy until her husband noticed how she had changed.

For three years, she did what her husband said, so he would not divorce her to marry another woman and take away their children. Then circumstances forced the family to flee from Syria and live in Turkey.

In Turkey, Debora connected with Jesus again, however this time she told her husband he could do whatever he wanted to do, but she was following Jesus. Somehow his heart was changed because of the way she treated him and the children; he said she was like a new woman.

She started attending the Arabic church, studying God’s Word and praying fervently for her family.

Today her husband is the pastor of a small church and leading a Sunday school with 51 children studying CBS lessons!