Being a teacher in CBS rewired my brain

During the pandemic in India, Archana was searching for online Bible studies and discovered CBS. It was a life-changing discovery.

“Every class was filled with new concepts and insights,” she said. “Each word from our teacher’s mouth was like a true gem, gifted to us by God.

“I must say, it was the Holy spirit who guided me throughout my service in the CBS ministry. God has found a simple girl like me to be worthy to teach His Word to others.

“Being a teacher in CBS rewired my brain to be a good student first. My concepts regarding knowledge-imparting were transformed when I got to learn that everything I do must done with love. No competition, no self-appraisal, and no spread or promotion of false doctrines.

“I learned from CBS that God truly helps our endeavors if we are true to Him. He never fails. His promises are everlasting.”