Friends’ invitation = transformed life

Jason Wu of East Asia-Pacific tells how God met him in his anxiety and stress:

Before embracing God, I struggled with persistent low emotional well-being. Heavy stress led to erratic moods and frequent arguments with my wife over trivial matters, straining our relationship.

A turning point in our journey came when we joined friends at a church-based event, leading us to Sunday services and CBS class.

My anxieties didn’t subside as quickly as hoped, and I contemplated quitting the class. However, the unwavering faith and enthusiasm of my classmates rekindled my commitment to engaging with God’s Word.

Two years later, I’ve realized that my transformation has been subtle, requiring patience. Continued Bible study has deepened my understanding of God’s Word and led to renewal within myself.

Although life’s challenges haven’t diminished, faith has shifted my perspective. I now recognize that God uses these challenges for my spiritual growth.