Student Ministry

Who We Are

Student CBS serves students in the community from kindergarten through college and into the work force. Students and leaders from a variety of backgrounds come together to share life and discuss the Bible while respecting each other’s different opinions and experiences. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable exchanging ideas and questions so they learn from one another as they build a foundation of belief on God’s Word and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.


What We Do

Our purpose is to give students an opportunity to study God’s Word on their own using written materials and then to share these insights with other people in small groups or core groups. All classes include the same essentials as any CBS class – independent Bible study at home, fellowship and food, large group time with worship and teaching, and small group discussion in core groups.

There are five different class types in Student CBS. The details of the class, including curriculum, music and the teaching, are appropriate for the specific age of the students. All classes meet during the school year.

  •  A.S.K. (After School Kids) classes are for elementary school children and meet for two 10-week semesters.
  • eTeen classes are for early teenagers in middle school (grades 6-8) and meet for 20 weeks.
  • Teen classes are for high school students (grades 9-12) and meet for 26 weeks.
  • CAPstone classes are for college students and young professionals and meet for 26 weeks.
  • SO (Student Outreach) is focused on going to where the students already are. It is available for students starting with pre-K and going all the way through high school and can take place in a community center, school or any place students are already gathered. Please click here for more information.

A typical class runs for two hours and includes the following elements:

  • Snack/Dinner
  • Large Group with worship and teaching
  • Core Group discussion


Why We Do It

The student and early career years are a time of transition, a time of great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change. Some of the most important decisions in life are made during these years. It is a time when beliefs are challenged or formed which will also affect the rest of life. Our hope is that young people’s beliefs will be based on Biblical truth rather than on human reasoning. Our desire is that these years are not just a time of transition, but one of transformation through the Word of God.


For more information on Student Ministry, please email [email protected].