Who Are We

A.S.K. CBS classes are weekly gatherings of grade school age children and leaders for the purpose of studying the Bible in a planned atmosphere of love and fun with the aid of a homework lesson. They meet after school for twenty total weeks a year which children call an event that they continually say, “I never want to miss A.S.K.!”


What Do We Do

A.S.K. Bible study centers around a lesson, covering a specific group of scriptures, prepared by students at home with parental guidance. Children ages K-6th grade learn from the Old Testament the first semester (10 weeks) and New Testament second semester (10 weeks)

A.S.K. CBS has three parts:

  •  A flexible drop off time-time for the children to snack and play – 30 minutes
  • A small group (core group) time where the children go over the homework as a conversation (using the Socratic method) among friends of their grade and their leaders – 45 minutes
  • All the groups together for a time of singing, Bible Cheer, a video, and a wrap up talk, all centered around the same passage – 45 minutes


Why We Do It

Children are smart and ready to learn the truths of the Bible. In an A.S.K. class, they have the opportunity to think about a passage in several different ways: at home with parents, in a small group of friends, in a large group of friends of all ages and with a leader to encourage them by contacting them during the week. The Word of God transforms children into what they were born to be in the present and the future. This format helps a parent in the spiritual nurturing of their children in our busy and rushed world.


How To Get Connected

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Consider starting an A.S.K. class in your community.
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