High School

Who We Are

Teen CBS classes exist to welcome any and every interested High School student (9-12th grade) in the community.

Students with all kinds of different personalities and interests gather to share a meal, laugh, learn from each other and grow in their relationship with God and understanding of His Word.

It is a place where students are mentored by adults who really care about them and come alongside them with encouragement, friendship and prayer.


What We Do

Our classes meet in the evening and include dinner, large group time with interactive fun, music and a teaching or “talk” then followed by small group time where students discuss a Bible study lesson they have done on their own.

Classes meet for 2 hours a week for 26 weeks throughout the school year. All the aspects of the class, from to food to the lessons to the music, are designed to appeal to the taste of high school students.


Why We Do It

High School is an extremely busy time of life!  Whether students enjoy high school, or struggle through it, nearly all feel stress and pressure to measure up or fit in.  Many feel lonely or confused, and many love God, but all need the answers that are found only in the Bible.

When students make Bible study a priority in high school, they tend to value it for life and seek it out wherever they go. God’s transforming Word influences the important decisions that lie ahead in the next stage of a young person’s life.


How To Get Connected

Become a part of an existing Teen class by clicking on find a class.
Consider starting a Teen class in your community.
For more information email [email protected].