Middle School

Who We Are

eTeen CBS classes are for middle school students (usually 6th – 8th grade) from all across the community.
All are welcome!

eTeen is a place for young teenagers to have fun together while learning about and growing in their relationship with Jesus.

It is a place for them to be mentored by adults who care about them, encourage, listen, pray and help them develop their faith.


What We Do

We study God’s Word – book by book, verse by verse.

Classes meet for 20 weeks throughout the school year (usually September until Spring Break) for 2 hours a week.

Each class includes dinner, fun, music, a short teaching or “talk” and small group time.

Students are in a small group with some friends they already know and some new ones. In this group they share their answers from their Bible study lesson and learn from each other and laugh and share life together.


Why We Do It

Young teenagers need to know how much Jesus loves them, how He sees them and what it means to be His disciple.

Middle School students have many questions and doubts!  eTeen is a safe place to ask tough questions and express doubts, and find the answers for life so that no person or problem will shake them from their faith!


How To Get Connected

Become a part of an existing eTeen class by clicking on find a class.
Consider starting an eTeen class in your community.
For more information please click here [email protected]