Student Outreach

What makes Student Outreach unique?

  • Strategically designed to engage school students in age-appropriate Bible Study
  • Flexible location, schedule and duration of study
  • Flexible leadership model
  • Tailored curriculum design

What are the goals of Student Outreach?

  • Assist  students  in  knowing  Jesus  as  their  Lord  and  Savior
  • Show  students  not  only  how  to  study  the  Bible  but  how  to  have  a  24-hour-a-day  relationship  with  God
  • Experience  the  fun  and  joy  of  loving  and  serving Jesus
  • Create lifelong self-feeders of  the Word  of  God
  • Learn  how  to  apply  God’s  Word  to  all  of  life
  • Guide  students  as  they  become  more  like  Jesus
  • Promote  and  magnify  the  six  pillars  of  character:  trustworthiness,  respect,  responsibility,  fairness,  caring  and  citizenship

What are the components of a Student Outreach class?

  • Large  Group/Chapel:  Includes  praise  music,  a  teaching  (The  Talk),  Bible  Cheer,  Game/Skit/Activity,  short  prayer
  • Core  Group:  Discussion  of  the  lesson  in  small  groups.  Includes  encouragement,  prayer  and  support  for  every student  by  an  adult  mentor
  • Daily  Study:  Some  classes  may  include  a  time  daily  to  work on  the  lesson  and  memory  verse
  • Leaders  Council/Staff  Meeting:  A  time  for  the  leaders  to  go  over  the  lesson  together  and  have fellowship  while growing  spiritually

What lessons does Student Outreach use?

  • Student  Outreach  CBS  has  its  own  curriculum,  written  in  5  levels  to  accommodate  all  ages.  The  lessons  include life  application  questions  for  the  students  to  start  thinking  critically  and  wrestle  through  what  they believe  and why  they  believe  it
  • Student  Outreach  may  also  use  the  other  Student  curriculums  to  fit  the  needs  of  their class

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