Special Needs Adults

The CBS “AGAPE” ministry fulfills the CBS mission by providing an in-depth Bible Study for Special Needs individuals in our community.  AGAPE means God’s Love.  And it’s for everyone!    Our time together includes worship, an interactive teaching time, small group discussion and fellowship with one another. All aspects of the night are presented in a way that makes Biblical concepts applicable and accessible.  Adults with mild intellectual disability who are 18+ and able to do some reading and writing will benefit most from AGAPE.

VISION: AGAPE fulfills the CBS mission by providing an in-depth Bible Study for Special Needs individuals in our community. Our vision is to provide a study that treats each member with respect and care regardless of intellectual ability while enabling each individual to participate at a level they can understand. AGAPE means God’s Love. It’s for everyone ~ regardless of disability!

NEED: Higher functioning individuals with Special Needs have become an unreached part of society in the United States. They want to study God’s Word, but most churches and organizations do not have a place for them because the programming provided is usually presented beyond or beneath the individual’s intellectual abilities. AGAPE members have expressed they are so glad to have a place to study God’s Word in a way that speaks to them and are not “talked down to.” They fulfill their commitment by finishing lessons weekly and each person comes ready to contribute.

TARGET: AGAPE defined our target as higher functioning individuals of the Special Needs community, more specifically those with mild intellectual disabilities. These individuals likely can read and write; have attended school; currently hold a job in the community, and function independently in various ways, yet need guidance with their choices for daily living. Many are both interested and capable of participating in classroom discussions and settings. The above explanation is not at all concrete and varies from person to person. Preferred enrollment is for ages 18 and up.

Find an AGAPE near you: We have a limited number of AGAPE classes around the country but growing and expanding as the Lord leads. To find your local class or to start new AGAPE class in your area, please contact agape@communitybiblestudy.org.