Day Classes

What We Do

Classes meet weekly for approximately 30 weeks, following the local school calendar. Study materials contain questions relating to the portion of the Bible being studied. Each week members read and answer those questions prior to attending the class. On class day members meet with their discussion group, known as

a Core Group, to discuss the lesson. Each Core Group of approximately 15 members is facilitated by a trained leader who seeks to build a personal relationship with each person in the group. Once per month fellowship meals are incorporated into the class day.These special times of sharing are designed to build relationships between group members. The class concludes with a 25-30 minute teaching given by a trained Teaching Director. These teachings offer additional insights into the week’s passage and contain a challenge to personally apply the lesson to daily life.
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Who We Are

We are members of your community who desire to know more about God and His Son Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. The majority of Day classes are comprised of women, but some Day classes offer groups for men and/ or couples. Most Day classes also include a Children’s Ministry.

Why We Do It    

We study the Bible for the purpose of becoming disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Isaiah 55:11, God says that His word never returns to Him empty, and that it will always accomplish His purpose.  God transforms lives through His Word!  Our classes are designed to be comfortable and caring places where every person can become

confident in studying the Bible.  Whether you are new to Bible study or if you have been studying the Bible for many years, Community Bible Study will offer you the opportunity to learn, to grow in faith in Jesus Christ and to meet others in your community who share the same desire to learn more about God and His Son.
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How To Get Connected

Simply click find a class.  Invite a friend to join one of our classes with you.  For example, if you are looking for a Bible study for women, use the “Find a Class” form on the right side of this page to get a list of the Women’s Bible Studies near you. We hope to see you soon!