Prison Bible Study

InPrison & Beyond is the prison bible study arm of Community Bible Study. We facilitate an in-depth prison Bible study for men and women inside correctional facilities. As well, we provide Bible study classes for ex-offenders called Beyond classes. These Beyond classes are normally held in churches, rehabilitation facilities, and other venues in our local communities.

We believe that the Word of God has the ability to genuinely transform us. We feel this is sorely needed in a culture that is focused on rehabilitation instead of inner transformation. While incarceration attempts to rehabilitate lives, we’ve seen the Word of God bring about true, lasting change.

What can you expect from a prison Bible study?

CBS InPrison & Beyond has written and developed over 25 studies that explore books of the Bible. These studies range in length from six weeks to 30 weeks, with many studies written in multiple languages, including Spanish.

InPrison CBS classes

Our prison Bible study classes meet once a week for an hour and a half, concentrating on in-depth Bible study. We follow the same format as the usual CBS classes, which include praise and worship, prayer, small group discussion, and a lecture, or “talk”.  They will get “homework” questions and professionally written commentary so that you can digest what we studied in our weekly meetings.

The size of our weekly gatherings depends on the circumstances in each institution. Often the group meetings vary from just a few (4-10) people, up to very large groups that break down into multiple “core groups” for the study discussion component.

Beyond classes

Our Beyond classes follow the same format as the usual CBS classes. We encourage men and women to dig deeply into the Word of Godprison bible study to find the riches of God’s plan for each believer. We trust that you’ll feel at home in our grace-filled environments.