What We Do In Prisons

Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond takes in-depth Bible study into correctional institutions in our communities. Nationally, the ministry supplies training, materials, and format for the leadership of local Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond classes. The local class is up to an hour and half, weekly in-depth Bible study concentrating on just that, in-depth Bible study.

The format of Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond classes includes times of praise and worship, prayer, discussion, and a lecture, or “talk”.  The emphasis of our classes is Bible study.  We encourage men and women to dig deeply into the Word of God to find the riches of God’s plan for each believer.  CBS courses are Bible studies with both “homework” questions and professionally written commentary.

The studies are designed for class settings, not individual or informal study.  Classes vary in size from just a few (4-10) up to very large groups that breakdown into multiple “core groups” for the study discussion, and then regroup together for the teaching. Classes also vary in time from just under an hour up to just over 2 hour.

Relationships with other Ministries

Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond welcomes partnerships with other ministries.  Often times a church, a national prison ministry, or an individual ministry is in need of material and method for an ongoing in prison ministry.  Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond can fill that need.  “Making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through caring, in-depth Bible study” is the mission.  As long as ministries or individuals share that mission partnerships can be mutually beneficial.

Relationships with Institutions

Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond believes that volunteers going into institutions to lead Bible studies are guests in that institution, just as they would be guests in anyone’s home.  The administration of the institution is the authority in that institution and they, and all of their rules, procedures, and practices should be respected at all times.  Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond volunteers must comply with all training and behavioral requirements specified by the institutional administration.

Relationships with prison administration should be established through the correct channels.  Often the Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond Teaching Director works with a chaplain; however, it could be with an activities director, program director, volunteer coordinator, jailor, or warden.  This relationship can be the key to the success of an Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond class.

English, Spanish and other Language Classes

Community Bible Study InPrison & Beyond has over 30 Bible studies available, most of which are also translated into Spanish.  Classes may be presented in English, Spanish, or any other language that is available.  The lecture or “talk” segment of the class format is limited to the capabilities of the Teaching Director. However, the core group discussion time can be segregated by language if needed.  Other language translations are available also.  The prison system in the United States has a growing need for material in both English and Spanish and other languages.  We can supply that need.