Sharing Magazine

In this edition of Sharing magazine, we’re telling stories of CBS classes and participants who have welcomed friends, neighbors, and strangers to study God’s Word and build a community. You’re invited to Come and Share their stories.

Sharing highlights what God is doing through CBS as life after life is impacted and transformed through His Word. Community Bible Study groups around the world are inviting others to “Come and See”–to experience Jesus through caring, in-depth Bible study happening in their communities. And in this issue of Sharing magazine, we’re celebrating the stories of those who are reaching out to bring others in.

In Community Bible Study, we believe there is a place for all. This invitation springs from our Lord’s openhearted welcome in Isaiah 55:1: “Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat!” We believe that Christ has ordained the diversity within CBS so that we can welcome all – “everyone” – to come and study God’s Word in their communities.

Aspens are known for their expansive root systems. Each tree draws life from one source.

In a sense, Community Bible study resembles the aspens. Different people from different walks of life – adults, children, prisoners, special-needs adults, and students – from different nations and different backgrounds are united through five essentials.

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God is at work in lives around the globe through Community Bible Study, and we are excited to bring you some of His stories. In this edition, you will see the big picture — 86 countries and 64 languages — and some up-close snapshots of how people’s lives are changing as they engage with God and His Word. Click and see!