Young Adult Groups



Bible Study











Come dig into the Bible for yourself.

Bring your friends and make new friends

Visit as many times as you like

Discover if this group is for you

Experience the story contained in its pages…

…whether you’re looking inside for the first time or the thousandth,

Here you can find priceless insights about life and relationships.

We value–

  • Relationships

…that can grow in a safe space and develop into communities of trust over time

  • Change

… that can happen as we care about others and provide help, inside and outside of our small group

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We do it because–

  • The Bible 

… talks about change in all these dimensions.

… it provides insights that are as “cutting edge” today, as when it was written.

  • Sharing together,

… we can understand the Bible better and help each other find answers for daily life.

… we can find more clarity and balance, as a community,  than we would ever find alone.

How does this look?

Our approach to experiencing the Bible involves:

  • Personal investigation and reflection throughout the week
  • Talking through our discoveries within the safety of an intimate small group
  • Listening to a summary of the Bible text given by a teacher
  • Reading a Bible scholar’s comments, which include historical and cultural info

Our approach to community and relationships involves:

  • gathering socially with new friends and old, to eat, play or just “hang out”, about once a month


 meeting to serve and make a difference in our neighborhoods, out in nature, or wherever the need arises


 What we do is life changing…

Just listen…

What if I want to check this out…?

  • Visit a YA group near you, at any time.                                  [Click here to find a group]
  • Come as often as you like, to find out if this is the place for you.

We invite you to–

  • Find a safe space to share your story and our lives
  • Help us grow as a community, by bringing your voice and your perspective.


Enter into the YA Community Bible Study experience and see if it is a fit for you.